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What Is It?

The Pluto Case sticks to any flat surface and will never stick to your hands or loose its suction power!


How It Works

Our secret is nano-suction technology which sticks to any flat surface but won't get stuck to your hand. On the back of the case there are millions of tiny nano-suctions that only activate when they come in contact with flat smooth surfaces. Meaning it won't ever get stuck to your hand. If your Pluto Case ever starts losing suction, simply rinse it underwater and the nano-suctions will reactivate!


Pluto Case is made with concealing airbags with a four corner outer shell to protect from falling. Your iPhone now has the capability to come with you everywhere you go. Bring it to the gym, help you put makeup on, FaceTime, taking that perfect picture. The possibilities are endless and we’re here to help make your life simpler.

The Pluto Case is perfect for:

  • Hands free selfies!
  • Recording yourself at the gym
  • Putting makeup on while you watch a how to video
  • Hands free GPS
  • Watching netflix on the go
  • The possibilities are endless!

Pluto Case is made up of recycled ECO friendly materials. Cleaning your Pluto Case is simple: Just wipe with a damp cloth and your nano-suction technology will reactivate.


Disclaimer: The Pluto case will stick to flat smooth surfaces if your drywall has texture do not attempt to stick your phone to it.