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Meet the Pluto Box - it kills germs that live on the surfaces of your things.

In stock! Ships next day, from our warehouse in the USA!

Disinfect anything that fits in just TWO Minutes!
Our high-efficiency UV lights kills 99.9% of bacteria on your smartphone, keys, headphones, remotes, even wallets using nine of our high efficiency Mercury-free UV lights inside.
Breathe easy knowing the things you touch most are safe from germs.


Note: Please be aware that this product is not proven to kill the COVID-19 virus. The UV Sanitizer disinfect germs, but we do not currently have a lab to test its effectiveness specifically against COVID-19 yet.


Portable and Wireless Charging

The Pluto Box is the easiest way to keep your things safe from germs.
Take Pluto Box with you anywhere, fits easily in a backpack or purse,
Keep one in the car for when you have to go out and about. Pluto box is powered by an included mini USB so you can use it with the chargers you already have, AND serves as a  wireless charger for your tech.